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Reflexology - What is it ?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, gentle, complementary treatment to aid and encourage the body’s own natural healing, regenerating and renewing systems. By using this “foot technology” you’ll be stepping in the right direction.

Reflexology can help.
It is one of the most natural complementary aids to help and encourage the body’s hormonal (endocrine) system to achieve optimum efficiency. The starting point to good health begins at the Pituitary Gland (sometimes called the ‘Master Gland’). It regulates, maintains, stimulates and is the messenger system of the body.

Fertility; ADHD; stress; CFS ....Just some of the problems being experienced by so many people in todays world with our poor western diet affecting both children and adults.

REFLEXOLOGY - "Tranquility at your feet"

Reflexology in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire
by fully qualified reflexologist - Helen Duffell

Reflexology in Bucks - treatment by trained reflexologist - Helen's Reflexology services

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